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Updated March 17, 2014

In a September 2009 news release, GSK announced several significant changes to the way that GSK funds third-party educational activities for healthcare professionals (HCPs), also called independent medical education (IME) or continuing professional development (CPD), in the United States (US). Although we will not be supporting as many medical education programs, we will continue funding those with the greatest potential to improve patient health.

GSK’s strategy is to identify and fund a smaller number of innovative, high-quality educational initiatives that are designed to close HCP performance gaps and improve patient health. GSK has revised its selection criteria for recipients of grant funding by requiring educational providers to demonstrate that their programs are designed to improve patient health, using objective data to measure these improvements.


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(1)  What is third-party education for HCPs?;

(2)  Major changes to educational grant funding at GSK;

(3)  Educational providers who have been selected to compete for grant funding and the eligibility and performance criteria used to identify these providers;

(4)  Objective grant scoring criteria used to competitively and rigorously evaluate submitted grant requests;

(5)  Disease areas of interest and disease area criteria;

(6)  Grants selected for funding;

(7)  Grant proposal submission and review cycle timeline;

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(9)  A slide presentation overview of our process.

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