Welcome to US GSK Independent Medical Education!

Updated November 1, 2017

GSK’s priority is to identify and fund innovative, high-quality educational initiatives that are designed to close HCP knowledge, competence, and performance gaps to improve patient health.


Please navigate this site to find:

(1)  What is third-party education for HCPs?;

(2)  Changes to educational grant funding at GSK;

(3) 2015 video summarizing the reaction of educational providers to GSK's IME funding model;

(4)  Educational provider criteria used to identify eligible organizations that can submit grants;

(5)  Call for Grant Applications (CGA) with disease areas of interest and grant review criteria used to evaluate submitted grant requests;

(6)  Frequently Asked Question (FAQs); and

(7)  A slide presentation overview of our process.


A list of quick reference documents is located here.