Disease Area Criteria

We have 2 criteria that all of our disease areas of interest must meet:


(1)  There must be externally validated and objective data identifying clinical performance and quality gaps in the disease areas;

(2)  The disease areas of interest must follow our GSK Scientific Engagement Standards.


Per our GSK Scientific Engagement Standards, we will not fund medical education in disease areas where GSK has only unauthorized products in development and not an FDA-approved product.


What are GSK’s Scientific Engagement Standards?

GSK has voluntarily adopted a rigorous set of global principles and standards, which we collectively call “Scientific Engagement,” to emphasize the distinction between non-promotional scientific dialogue with our external stakeholders and legitimate promotional activity to support approved products. As a general rule, GSK endeavors to wait until a product is authorized in a specific disease area before sponsoring or supporting any medical education activities. These GSK Scientific Engagement principles that we employ help to distinguish commercial promotion from legitimate scientific activities, such as medical education. GSK has chosen to take this proactive stance to promote transparency regarding our activities and to ensure that our scientific activities are credible.

Please review our Funded Educational Grants for comprehensive information about the educational grants that we have funded.