Disease Areas of Interest

2015 Disease Areas of Interest

Adult Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Asthma and/or COPD

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Type 2 Diabetes

Other Area of Need


GSK has a pooled budget for all disease areas, and there is no allocated funding in any disease area. All proposals submitted must follow the GSK standards and be designed to close healthcare professional performance gaps (Level 51) and improve patient health (Level 61).


The “Other Area of Need” is an open category that allows providers to submit grant proposals in areas not posted by GSK but where the providers are able to substantiate significant gaps in clinical performance and/or patient health as well as demonstrate how their educational initiatives are designed to make an impact by helping to close these gaps.


Grant requests will be prioritized based on optimal alignment with patient needs, healthcare professional performance gaps, healthcare system gaps, and GSK clinical interests.


Per our GSK Scientific Engagement Standards, we will not fund medical education in disease areas where GSK has only unauthorized products in development and not an FDA-approved product.


GSK's oncology portfolio was acquired by Novartis in 2015. For oncology-related grant requests, please visit the Novartis grants site:


Please review our Disease Area Criteria.


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