Below is a list of educational grants approved in 2012.

CYCLE B 2011 (Approved February 2012)



Grant Title



News Release

Educational OutcomesB

Funded AmountC

University of North Texas

Bringing it Home: Improving COPD Diagnosis in Family Medicine

 Executive Summary




Boston University

Adolescent Vaccination 2012: Improving Practice to Meet National Quality Measures

 Executive Summary





Improving the Recognition, Diagnosis, and Referral Patterns of Patients with SLE Through Enhanced Care Coordination and Practice Efficiencies

 Executive Summary




National Jewish Health

Targeting the Atopic March: Best Practice Improvement in the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Patient Management of Atopic Dermatitis in the Urban Environment

 Executive Summary

News Release

News Story


Educational Outcomes


2014 ACEHP Poster




AGSK requested that the educational provider either populate a standard executive summary template to describe their funded educational initiative or allow GSK to post the funded grant proposal (with any proprietary information removed) describing their educational initiative.


BThese longitudinally designed, curriculum-based educational initiatives focused on performance/quality improvement will take 2-3 years from initiation to fully implement and obtain final educational outcomes; we will post these results when available.


CThis is the total amount of funding provided by GSK for the respective initiative. This payment amount is also posted in GSK's grants quarterly report during the quarter in which the payment was made.