Publications associated with grants GSK has funded are posted below.


Educational Provider

Grant Title


American Academy of Family Physicians

The AAFP Healthy Communities Collaborative on Cardiovascular Disease

ACEHP Almanac_Sept 2014

(see page 6)

American Academy of Pediatrics

AAP Chapter Quality Network (CQN) Asthma Project

AAP News June 2019

Boston University School of Medicine

Adolescent Vaccination: Improving Practice to Meet National Quality Measures


Boston University School of Medicine

Improving the Quality of Life for Children with Asthma in Massachusetts: A Performance Improvement Initiative

BMC 2013 Poster

Boston University School of Medicine

The Obesity Epidemic: Improving Practice to Provide Proactive Care

Obesity Week 2014 Poster

Duke University School of Medicine

Collaborations for HeAlth IMprovements In HER2+ Breast CancER (CHAMBER)


Duke University School of Medicine

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Integrated Learning ModuleS: Achieving Performance Improvement through CollaboratiON, VISION


Joslin Diabetes Center

Performance Improvement Initiative for Practice-Based Education, Training, and Support-Targeting Type 2 Diabetes: Achieving Glycemic and Cardiometabolic Goals

Educational Outcomes

Joslin Diabetes Center

Comparison of Methods for Assessing Clinical Performance Improvement in Primary Care
World Congress on CPD 2016 Poster

National Jewish Health

Meeting the Needs of Rural Southern Colorado: Implementing Sustainable Evidence-Based Asthma Care


2015 JCEHP Award for Excellence in Research JCEHP(2015);35(4):247-248

National Jewish Health

The Colorado Toolkit for Respiratory Diseases: Asthma and COPD Best Practice Improvement in the Urban Environment A PI-CME Proposal

Fam Med(2015);47(7):554-557

CBS Denver News Story

National Jewish Health

Targeting the Atopic March: Best Practice Improvement in the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Patient Management of Atopic Dermatitis in the Urban Environment

2014 ACEHP Poster


ACEHP Almanac_Jul-Aug 2014 (see page 15)


CBS Denver News Story

J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract(2016);4(2):347-349.e1

National Jewish Health

Best Practices for Medication Reconciliation in a Respiratory Academic Medical Center

2015 ACEHP Poster

Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf(2017);43(5):212-223

University of Nebraska Medical Center

PROTECT (SuPporting AppROpriate ImmunizaTions Across the AgE SpeCTrum)

ABMS 2015 Quality Forum Poster

University of North Texas Health Science Center

Asthma 411: A Collaborative Asthma Initiative to Improve Community Health

Educational Outcomes