Educational Grant Review

There are several significant changes to the way educational grants may be submitted and in the standards that GSK has for grants that will be funded, which are summarized in this slide presentation. The US GSK Center for Medical Education uses objective criteria to evaluate and score each grant for compliance and merit.


All proposals submitted must follow the GSK standards and be designed to objectively measure improvements/changes in healthcare professional performance (Level 51) and/or patient health (Level 61). These proposals should also demonstrate the providers’ commitment to act as a strategic partner in quality improvement initiatives within their institution, health system, or community through collaborative alliances.2


All grant proposals will be evaluated in a competitive fashion using a grant scoring system that evaluates several objective criteria detailed in our Call for Grant Applications.

Please review our Grant Application Cycle for more details about the grant submission and review timeline.

Please review our Funded Educational Grants for comprehensive information about the educational grants that we have funded.



1Moore DE, et al. J Contin Educ Health Prof. 2009;29:1-15.

2ACCME at Work. 2011. Available at