Evaluation of Current Providers

After an organization has been approved to submit grants to GSK for a period of 2 years (as long as no compliance issues are noted, at which point the organization would be removed), and annually thereafter, GSK reevaluates each currently eligible educational provider by performing a competitive review of the provider’s overall performance using our 2 key provider performance criteria:


·         Ability to act as a strategic partner in quality improvement initiatives within their institution, health system, or community through collaborative alliances1


·         Ability to design and deliver educational initiatives that objectively measure improvements/changes in healthcare professional performance (Level 52) and/or patient health (Level 62)


The primary reason for removal from the selected educational provider list is because the provider’s proposed educational initiatives have not been competitive compared with the other eligible providers’ proposed educational initiatives. These performance criteria are also the key criteria that we use to evaluate new provider applicants to determine who should be added to our list of eligible providers each year.


Our evaluation process for educational providers is not a judgment of any provider type or their capabilities; we are simply focusing our financial resources on a particular caliber of educational initiative but realize all educational activities are intended to improve patient health.


Please review our Educational Grant Review for more details about the objective criteria we use to evaluate and score each grant that is submitted for compliance and merit.



1ACCME at Work. 2011. Available at

2Moore DE, et al. J Contin Educ Health Prof. 2009;29:1-15.