Welcome to US GSK Independent Medical Education!

Updated December 6, 2018

This site is intended for US-based organizations requesting grant funding to support independent third-party educational activities (also called IME, CME, CPD) for US-based healthcare professionals (HCP). GSK’s priority is to identify and fund innovative, high-quality educational initiatives that are designed to close HCP knowledge, competence, and performance gaps to improve patient health.

Prior to submitting a grant, organizations must first register and be approved as an eligible educational provider. GSK accepts educational grant applications in response to a specific Call for Grant Applications (CGA). Grant review criteria, disease areas of interest, and grant submission dates are included in the CGA. As stated in the CGA and our Letter of Agreement, no GSK funds may be used for food, beverage, meals, travel, or accommodation costs for attendees.


Please visit our new Grant Management System:

Please follow the instructions for accessing this new system in the orange box on Organization and grant data have been migrated to the new system.

Educational providers must meet the below eligibility criterion:

Please navigate this site to find:

(1)  What is third-party education for HCPs?;

(2)  Changes to educational grant funding at GSK;

(3)  Educational provider criteria used to identify eligible organizations that can submit grants;

(4)  Call for Grant Applications (CGA) with disease areas of interest and grant review criteria used to evaluate submitted grant requests;

(5)  Frequently Asked Question (FAQs); and

(6)  A slide presentation overview of our process.


A list of quick reference documents is located here.