What is IME for HCPs?

GSK defines independent medical education (IME) for HCPs as any third-party educational activity for HCPs in which GSK has no control, influence, or involvement (ie, independent).


What is the difference between IME and certified continuing medical education (CME)?

·         IME can be certified/accredited (CME) or non-certified/non-accredited. Here is a visual aid

·         If the IME is certified/accredited, it is referred to as certified CME. Continuing education (CME or CE) credits are offered for HCP participation in certified CME.

·         IME may also be non-certified/non-accredited. In this case, no CME or CE credits are offered for HCP participation.

·         Thus, certified CME is a type of IME. Not all IME is certified CME; however, all certified CME is IME.

·         All independent third-party educational activities for HCPs (certified and non-certified) can only be funded by an educational grant from US GSK’s Center for Medical Education.