What are the major changes?

GSK has made significant changes to the way that we fund third-party educational activities for HCPs in the US.


·         There is a 2 step process for organizations to submit educational grants to GSK:

(1)  Organizations must first apply to become 1 of the limited number of educational providers;

(2)  Only the selected educational providers can then submit grants to GSK.


·         There are a limited number of organizations that can submit grants to GSK each year, and only the IME/CPD department of these organizations can submit grants.


·         Grants will be more competitive, and only a small number of grants will be awarded each year.


·         All grants approved in our new funding model will collect data to objectively measure the impact of these educational initiatives on closing professional practice gaps, improving HCP performance, and improving patient health.


·         The US policy and funding model applies to any independent educational activity implemented by a US-based organization and including US-based HCPs.